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Carrie and Josh have been friends of mine for years. I've known Josh for about 20 years, he met Carrie fell in love (in fact he knew he was going to marry her the day he met her) and indeed got married a few years ago. I had the pleasure of shooting their wedding and now they are onto the next phase of their life. As you can tell from the pictures, Carrie, is now pregnant, carrying Jacob their son. Considering Carrie is gorgeous shooting her pregnancy was a must. We squeezed this in just in time as she had Jacob the next day. Baby pictures to follow...

Laura-Shay and Brad

Well, well, friends Laura-Shay and Brad waited a long time to get married and then even longer to start a family. Everyone finally wore them down with the proverbial question "so when are you guys going to have kids", well I guess they finally got sick of hearing it and in a couple weeks should be getting their first, in the meantime we did a little pregnancy shoot and here it is...

Tina, Matt and Blaize

Tina's pregnancy shoot went great. We started off at the beach which actually didn't start great as we all got wet and sandy beyond our expectations but it ended well and then we finished off at Tina and Matt's house for some variety and some of the most beautiful pregnancy pictures I have ever done.


This was weird and very cool at the same time. My daughter, Jennifer, is having her first kid so we decided to do some pregnancy shots. Cool part were the pictures, I love them, the weird part is photographing your daughter pregnant with all the skin and boobs everywhere. I'm used to it with other people but it took a little getting used to when its your own. What? I'm just being honest...

had to throw dad in there (Jen's hubby Alessandro)

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