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Meredith and Garrett - Pregnancy

Meredith and Garrett are a fantastic couple who's wedding I was fortunate enough to photograph a few years ago. Well the natural progression in life occurred about 9 months ago (I bet you know where I'm going now) and about a month ago we all got together again to do a pregnancy shoot. The shoot went great (pictures to follow) and then a few weeks later we were all together again after the birth of their new daughter for a baby shoot (pictures to follow on the next blog post). All three shoots went great and here's shoot number 2...

Dan: Great stuff, nicely done!
Brooke: I wish I had called you for MY pregnancy pictures. If there's a next time I WILL!!!
Amanda Sinise: These images really show how much in love they are and how sexy a mother to be can really be.
Diane: Your pregnancy pictures belong in a table top book or in an exhibit!

Brittany's pregnancy shoot...

Well, it seems like I've known Brittany all my life. Probably because I have. She's sort of a distant niece? I'm not quite sure how to categorize it but you get the idea. Well her and Ryan have been trying like crazy to have a baby and were met with lots of resistance and disappointment. But low and behold mother nature struck and she's due any day now. So we went out a few weeks back and did a little pregnancy shoot to commemorate the occasion. We did a beach theme and had a great time shooting and the pictures came out great. Here you go Brittany (and Ryan)...

Margie: These pics are sooo beautiful, look like they should be in a magazine!

Stephanie's pregnancy shoot...

Well this is a little out of order since Stephanie already delivered her baby Skylar a few months ago. My post-production schedule can be a bit insane at times (to say the least) so sometimes jobs get done out of order. This being one of them. So here it is, I finally got to it. I met Stephanie and Gabe down at the beach in Malibu early one morning. It was a bit overcast and cool but it made for some really soft light, which was perfect for the lighting I wanted to add in. We shot all morning and came up with a ton of really cool images. We decided to go have lunch and then mix it up with a little bit of an urban feel down in Venice. The combination was a really nice mix and one of the best pregnancy shoots I've ever done.

Won-Kay's Pregnancy shoot...

I arrived at Won-Kay and Keith's house and the first thing we did was re-arrange their garage to make a little home made studio. It worked great as we got some really nice images of both of them. Next we re-arranged their living room for some more shots and then thankfully when we moved on to the backyard we were done with the re-arranging and just laid on the grass. All the hard work led to some really cool pregnancy shots, both Won-Kay and Keith were up for anything which always makes my job easy and were super fun to be's what we came up with!!!

Won-kay: Wow Ion!!! These are super nice!!! I can't believe this is in our house...we had a great time shooting with you. Thanks for all your hard work!

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