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I've known Cooper's mom Jodie before Cooper was even a twinkle in Jodie's eye. Well, Cooper was in the mood for a little fashion shoot so we headed out for a couple hours and came up with some pretty cool shots. Okay Jodie, here's what your darling little boy has grown into...


Claire is an amazing kid that truly inspires all who meet her. To explain the whole story of how I was asked to do this photo shoot I kind of have to start from the beginning. Claire was born with CF (Cystic Fibrosis). She is now 13 and has grown into a beautiful girl and the entire day I spent with her if it were not for her oxygen tank that she needs I never would have known she had it. She never complains and has the most positive outlook on everything. Anyway, back to the story. It was Claire's wish to have her bedroom redone and designed by a designer from HGTV. So the Make A Wish Foundation made this wish come true. They teamed up with NSM (North Star Moving) who handled all the transportation and set up and Claire finally got her mermaid theme room. The whole event was captured on video and you can check it out here. About the same time Laura McHolm (who's company is North Star Moving) was looking for a new character to represent NSM. They wanted a little girl to be wrapped in bubble wrap as the character but could not find anything. Then Laura thought "what about Claire". So thats how that idea was born. Then the logistics of making it happen had to start. I had photographed Karen and Scott's wedding several years ago and Karen works for Laura so she gave me a call and asked if I would be interested in shooting this. I said "yes" and thats how we get to this point. Claire character is called Snap Greene. "Snap" for the bubble wrap and Greene because NSM is a green moving company that cares deeply about the environment. Which also happens to be one of Claire's interests. So we photographed Claire in her bubble wrap dress in a variety of situations involving moving. Claire's younger sister Ellie also appears in a few shots and her character is Sparkle Greene. When all is said and done Claire will have a blog on NSM's website where she can talk about CF and try and raise awareness and funding. In the meantime if you want to learn more about Claire and her journey please visit Claire's foundation. This was Claire's first photo shoot ever and performed better than any model I've ever photographed!!!

the star arrives...

gotta get the hair done
a little makeup from Marqui
showing off the designer bubble wrap

and she never had a photo shoot before, AWESOME!!!

the bubble wrap queen with her inventory

showing everywhere NSM can take you

yes, NSM will take care of your plants too!!!

Ellie (Sparkle Greene) arrives on set for her cameo

Actor Tony Lister and his daughter arrived on set and wanted to get a picture with the famous Greene girls
a star is born
I still can't believe she's never done this before

uh oh, TMZ just can't stay away

a little mermaid look thrown in at the end
Left to right...Marqui, Jennifer, Marion, Claire, Laura, Karyn and Miral was camera shy


Yes, the famous Tiberius makes his triumphant return to my blog. Here he is just after his 2nd birthday...

okay had to have one with him he's just too damn cute!!!
Dannell Moyer: Ion, I Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all the pictures you have posted so far... They are the most beautiful piece of work I have ever seen and im not just saying that cause Thomas and I are in it. I love what you said in your blog thank you for enjoying our day. Again I love every minute and I would have paid a million dollars if i knew the pics were going to turn out like this. Thank you.

Meredith and Garrett

Meredith and Garrett couldn’t have planned a more perfect “day” at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu. The morning began with the girls and guys getting ready in separate rooms at their hotel in Agoura Hills.  The girls room was full of excitement and laughter as the girls got their hair and make up by done by Mosha Katani.  The boys room was a different scene – relaxing, watching sports, taking showers and leisurely getting ready.  When everyone was ready we all took off to Calamigos where the atmosphere was very intimate and serene.  I should have know then that this one would bring even a few tears to my eyes.  The guests and family were all very close knit and even those who weren’t actually family in a traditional sense really were. I think after the speeches were done there couldn’t have been a dry eye in the house.  Once the speeches were done though the party began and never stopped until Shawn Vasquez put on the last song.  Definitely a very tight group of people who care dearly about Meredith and Garrett. Guys, it was a pleasure to photograph your wedding you made my day super easy and fun, congrats!!! Here's a little preview for you...

Meredith: Ion, the pictures are AM-AZ-ING!!! There are so many we absolutely LOVE!!! You definitely captured the feeling of the day, the moments and the beauty we were hoping our day would be! Just stunning!!!
Jason Kozerski: WOW ! Very very nice ! I love every shot !! I felt as if I was there, love it ! you guys look great. God bless. Jason
Amy K: These pictures are stunning! This wedding looks like it was a blast~ congratulations to Meredith and Gary!
Kazumi: Amazing!!!!Beautiful!! Exactly how I remember that wonderful day! Just like a story book!
AuntieLaurie: Ion you have an incredible eye for the shot, Love your perspective! Meredith and Gary SOOOO wish we could have been there.
D$: Those shots are amazing! Captured every moment just like how the day was, full of life.

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