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Jill and Haven

Jill and Haven are definitely the artiest couple I have shot to date and their wedding reflected their talented musical background. The day started off at the Biltmore Hotel where the guys and girls got ready in separate rooms. My first stop was to the girls room where hair, makeup and having too much fun was in full bloom. I arrived at about the same time as Isabel who was the videographer and who I had a great time working with. Make up was done beautifully by Kelly Henson and hair was styled by Wendy Torrez. I was definitely having too much fun photographing the girls but I had to make my way to the guys room to check them out. I arrived with the Dominoes delivery guy and started shooting them while they had their pre-game meal. They slowly got ready, goofing off the whole time, as it always seems guys tend to do. Then I ran back up to the girls room for the finishing touches and then we were off to the races. A quick reveal and then some more photography with Jill and Haven and then it was off to Cicada where the ceremony and reception were to take place. Cicada is a gorgeous restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. Its moody, elegant, it has a stage where the ceremony took place (perfect for performers like Jill and Haven), just really nice. It was all coordinated perfectly by Paola Spagnoletti who put together a fabulous event. The ceremony was beautiful, Jill and Haven looked like the rockstars they are. Everyone partied hard and had a great time until they closed the place down. It always seems like the weddings where I have the best time go by the quickest. I know Jill and Haven didn't want it to end but hopefully these pictures will bring back some smiles...

Jessica Sanders: AMAZING photos!!!
Sue : Ion you are the master of photography. We are lucky to know someone with such talent and grateful to have you as a friend.
Amanda Sachs: These are the best wedding photos I have EVER seen, just stunning.

Kaya, Makena, Carrie and Tyson

Family shoots with young kids can always be a bit of a crap shoot, you never know what your going to get. Well that being said this was definitely one of the easiest and funnest family shoots I have ever had. We started out with a little beach shoot and then depending on how long the girls would last determined if we did anything back at the house. Well they held up great so we were able to do a little of both. Carrie and Tyson have incredible daughters that at the very least I'm sure will be movie stars someday. It was a great day and here come the highlights...

Stephanie and William's engagement

My first impression was that Stephanie and William might be a little camera shy and I might have to work a bit to pull some shots out of them. Boy was I wrong, they warmed up in about two seconds and were ready to go from the opening bell. We walked around Venice a bit and it didn't take long at all to come up with a bunch of great shots. Thanks for a fun afternoon guys you were a pleasure to hang out with and here's some of your pictures from the day...

Dannell and Thomas

What can I say about Dannell and Thomas, well your about to find out. They smile a lot, have incredible friends and family who love them dearly, are very much in love and it shows, were an absolute pleasure to photograph, lots of fun to be with all day, had an AMAZING wedding that was absolutely gorgeous and partied their little butts off all night. Now you know everything about them. Okay, maybe they have a bit more going on than just that but those are some of the highlights I picked out from their wedding day. They started off at the Westlake Village Inn where everyone got ready and then we headed off to Malibou Lake Mountain Club which is a gorgeous site up in the mountains of Malibu where the ceremony and reception took place. Gotta love places like this if your a photographer. Anyway, it was a beautiful day that went perfectly. The ceremony was sooo nice, both Dannell and Thomas wrote their own vows and I have NEVER heard anything so beautiful. Yes, it was that good. The reception was DJ'd by Dean Henderson who is a great DJ if anyone is ever looking. The toast were absolutely hysterical and had the entire room bent over laughing. The rest of the night was party time and everyone took advantage until they shut us down. Thanks for a great day guys, here's some pictures of your day...

Dannell: Ion, I Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all the pictures you have posted so far... They are the most beautiful piece of work I have ever seen and im not just saying that cause Thomas and I are in it. I love what you said in your blog thank you for enjoying our day. Again I love every minute and I would have paid a million dollars if i knew the pics were going to turn out like this. Thank you.

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