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Kathy and Doug's Wedding...

Kathy and Doug got married on the beach at the La Jolla Shores hotel, which is a beautiful venue in San Diego, CA. The day started off with Kathy getting her hair and makeup done by Ellie, sipping Champagne and laughing with Brettan, her maid of honor. Meanwhile Doug was nervously getting ready a few doors down with his father waiting for the big moment to arrive. The ceremony took place on the beach in front of the hotel (I think I still have sand in my shoes) and was beautifully done. The reception was cozy and intimate, the toasts were all very touching and everyone partied until they closed the place down. Oops, almost forgot to mention the video was done by Jared and Danielle (always like to give kudos to my fellow vendors). Thank you Doug and Kathy for letting me shoot your wedding, you were both a pleasure to be with all day and here is a sneak peak at your day…

Brettan: Hey Ion, the photos are beautiful ... you captured how amazing Kathy looked so well :)
SidebySideVideo: Hah, i think i still have sand in my shoes too! it was great working with you, the pictures look great! i'll let you know when we post the video :)

Valerie and Brandon

Valerie and Brandon are definitely a fun couple that have a great sense of humor and like to show it. We went to downtown Los Angeles and walked around the city a bit and this is what we came up with...

just a girl looking for a fiance...
hmmm, looks like this guy might be up for the job (told you they had a sense of humor)

looking for new bling :-)

ahhh, revenge is sweet!!!

Heather and Justin's wedding...

I had the pleasure of photographing Bryan and Mary’s wedding last year and Bryan is the brother of Heather who just got married to Justin (does that make sense?). Anyway, Heather and Justin are a really sweet couple that were married a few weeks ago at Rancho Las Lomas which is one of the prettiest venues I have shot at. Everything from the wild animals on site to the lush vegetation and beautiful landscape made this a gorgeous venue. Heather and the girls had a lot of fun getting ready and then shuffled off to the venue while the guys were getting ready off site and arrived later. Once on site the girls finished getting dressed as Justin and the guys arrived and then the fun began. We had a quick shoot with Heather and Justin and then some family and then the ceremony started and was just beautiful. Heather looked gorgeous and Justin couldn’t take his eyes off of her and was just beaming. The cocktail hour was followed by the reception where everyone partied and danced the night away and then it was off to Hawaii for the newlyweds.

Heather: Ion, will you please follow me around on my day to day life!! You make me look so glamorous! I can't thank you enough for these beautiful wedding photos. You're such a talented photographer! Thank you for capturing such beautiful shots from my wedding! -Heather Griffith
Don R.: The pictures from this event are just amazing, you captured the feel of what really went on so beautifully!

Meg and John's wedding

Meg and John had a beautiful ceremonoy at Café Pinot, which is located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The ceremony was beautiful and touching. The reception went flawlessly and everyone definitely partied their butts off, it was a really fun group of people to photograph. Meg and John had a smile on their face from start to finish and were an absolute delight to be with.

Jessica Sanders: Just amazing pictures, I came to look at this wedding but found myself looking through your whole blog, everything is really top notch.
B.L.: I was looking at these pictures and it brought me right back to that night, good job.

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