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Laura-Shay and Brad

Well, well, friends Laura-Shay and Brad waited a long time to get married and then even longer to start a family. Everyone finally wore them down with the proverbial question "so when are you guys going to have kids", well I guess they finally got sick of hearing it and in a couple weeks should be getting their first, in the meantime we did a little pregnancy shoot and here it is...

Tina had her baby!!!

Tina and Matt are friends of mine that have a very cute little one and a half year old and decided to add to the family. So a few months ago we did a pregnancy shoot and a few weeks ago they were blessed with a little baby girl. We did a quick shoot with them all and here's what we got...

Jessica, Steve and the girls

Jessica and Steve are dear old friends that recently decided to start a family (slowly), at least that was the plan. Well the powers that be decided to jump start them a little quicker and graced them with twin girls. They are absolutely the cutest things walking the earth and I had a great time shooting everyone except that I couldn't tell who was who when I was picking out pictures for the blog so hopefully I was fair and got an equal amount of both, can't play favorites, ya know!!!

Erin and Jeff's engagement

If ever I was excited to shoot a wedding it will be this one. I'm predicting one heck of a party. Erin and Jeff are two very cool people that I had a great time with from minute one. We went down to Venice (my favorite place to shoot) walked around a bit and this is what we came up with...

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