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Amanda and Jason's engagement

Well I didn't have to go far to meet Amanda and Jason, they live directly below me. Jason is an avid adventurer and took off for 6 months for a motorcycle trek through South America almost as soon as they moved in but before he left he popped the question to Amanda and the date was set. In getting to know them both we talked about what we all did for a living and the wheels were set in motion at that point. Amanda started all the planning while awaiting her future hubby to return. Once back and reacclimatized to living in L.A. again we set a date for their engagement session. Since they both love the outdoors we went up into one of our local canyons here and set out to do a nature theme. Since the canyon starts where the beach is we also went down there for a few shots before heading home for a last minute shot of them on Jason's bike. Well here's a bunch of your pictures guys, hope you like them and sorry I had my music up too loud today (but I swear it was just because I was rocking out while working on your pictures!!!)

Sam and Gabriella's anniversary shoot

Well I've known Sam for about 20 years. He's one of my best friends and I also had the honor of shooting his wedding about 6 years ago. Sam and Gabriella are having their anniversary about to come up and decided to have a little photo shoot to commemorate the occasion. They live in Venice, which I love shooting in, so we literally headed out their back door, walked around for a few blocks and found tons of cool places to shoot. We probably spent more time joking around than shooting but we managed to come up with a few nice shots anyway, just kidding it went really well, here you go guys...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

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