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Stephanie and Wes

For Stephanie & Wes we went down to santa monica pier and played around up top of the pier and then went down to the beach for some fun in the sand. I can't wait until this summer, they're getting married in Colorado and it will be just gorgeous. I swear I get the best couples ever!!!

Holli and Tom

Holli and Tom are a really fun couple and I can't wait to shoot their wedding coming up in April. I went down to Long Beach and met them at their place and we took a walk around the area. This is typically how I shoot, I like to walk around, let the bride and groom do their thing and I shoot away (with a little prompting here and there)...

can you tell it was right before Valentines day?


This was weird and very cool at the same time. My daughter, Jennifer, is having her first kid so we decided to do some pregnancy shots. Cool part were the pictures, I love them, the weird part is photographing your daughter pregnant with all the skin and boobs everywhere. I'm used to it with other people but it took a little getting used to when its your own. What? I'm just being honest...

had to throw dad in there (Jen's hubby Alessandro)


Here's some of the first pictures of my favorite boy. I've been lacking in taking pictures (sorry Jenn) but all well change. My Grandson came into this world this past August and you will be seeing many, many pictures to come.

look at those biceps, what a stud!!!

Tim: Ty is so cute!!!
Jenny: Dad, thank you so much for the amazing pictures of Ty. I always knew the torture of having to sit still while you took pictures of us would pay off eventually.

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