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Noelle is a bubbly teenager who needed some headshots. She is also a dancer, which you can probably tell from the one shot of her flying through the air.

stacy moran: very cute, you captured who she is beautifully!!
Lori McLaughlin: adorable pictures, great work.

Wendy and Mike

For Wendy & Mike's photo shoot we went down to Venice and took a walk. You'll probably see lots of shoots in Santa Monica and Venice. First because its close to where I live and second because its got lots of character and fun stuff to work with on a photo shoot.

Mercedes and Steve

Steve and Mercedes have two beautiful daughters that I've had the pleasure of photographing several times now. One of my favorite parts about being a photographer is being able to see kids grow from year to year, truly a pleasure.

love this shot...

this is one of my favorite black and white shots ever!!!

Ava and Kai

Ava & Kai belong to two of my best friends, Erik & Shanon. I've known Erik for the past 20 years and you'll never find a better person on the planet. Well, maybe one because he married her, Shanon is just as great. I've been shooting their kids since they were born, Kai is 4 now and Ava is about 1. This is their latest shoot which mainly featured Ava but Kai jumped in there for a few.

Yes, bribery took place so the shoot could continue...

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