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Stephanie and Gabriel's engagement

Stephanie and Gabriel are a great couple that are getting married in a couple of months down in Mexico. We met up at a coffee shop near UCLA had a quick cup and headed off to a garden that UCLA has at the corner of its campus. We then went on campus for some stuff and finished up at a rundown hotel on the way back to the car.

Grabbing a quickie on the way to the gardens...
Stephanie in the coffee shop...

at the gardens...

turtle love...

I love the feel of this shot...

hamming it up..
I didn't know they were part Eskimo either...
UCLA has some gorgeous architecture (Stephanie & Gabriel aren't so bad either)

Yes, indeed!!!

Now thats a hot look!!!
Cynthia B.: I love these pictures, freaking amazing!!!

Cynthia, Ron and Zora

Cynthia and Ron have a gorgeous little girl which they absolutely adore. I showed up at their place we shot a little bit and then Zora needed a nap so we took a stroller walk and went and had lunch, did a little shooting, came back home and finished up.

off to have lunch...
Zora napping.. had to do a shot of mom and dad...

elle and tony's engagement

Elle and Tony are a really fun couple with loads of personality (photographer's love this). We walked around Venice, through the canals and then down to the beach. We pretty much goofed off the whole afternoon and then had lunch, it was a pretty fun day.

Cynthia B.: I love these pictures, absolutely amazing!!!

bianca and mel

Here's a shoot I did last week of a gorgeous little girl and her mom (and pepper, the dog).

spying on the neighbor..

can you guess which one is Pepper?

this is one of my favorites...

Lucy: i love the pictures!! geez another one of your talents shinning through! Melissa and Bianca look soooo amazing and happy!! too cute

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