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Okay Jen, here's the latest of our favorite boy...

Jenny: Dad, these are amazing as usual. I am so lucky to have such a talented photographer for a father ;)
Susan Marozik: That is so cute for your daughter to write that!! You are the BEST photographer!!
Son: Great photos!

Stephanie and Gabriel's wedding

Stephanie and Gabriel are a really fun couple that I had a great time spending a few days with while shooting their wedding in Key Largo, Florida last month. They had originally planned their wedding to be in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico but as bad luck would have it that was exactly when the swine flu outbreak started and not knowing how bad it might get they decided to play it safe and move it. They were left to plan a wedding in only 2 weeks!!! Well, they did a fabulous job and everything worked out wonderfully and they had a beautiful and touching wedding, although a freak storm did blow through the day before with thunder, lightning and torrential rains but nothing was going to stop them at this point and everything turned out beautifully.

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