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Jennifer and Jake get married!!!

Jennifer and Jake are definitely a unique couple (and I mean that in a good way). They are super cool people that had an awesome wedding (the ceremony actually set my record for quickest vows - 30 seconds!!!). It was held at the the Muckenthaler cultural center, which is a beautiful estate in Fullerton, Ca. The estate and the grounds made for some great pictures. Both Jennifer, Jake and their wedding parties were sooo much fun to be around and shoot all day. They were very relaxed and just had fun all day with a VERY tight group of family and friends who care deeply for them both. The reception was a backyard BBQ and party like none other. The toasts were both absolutely hysterical and then tear-jerking from one to the next. The cake cutting had one of the best cake fights EVER (love that!!!). And the rest of the reception was dancing and partying which this group definitely does well. Okay guys, here's your day...

Jennifer & Jake: Ion you are a WONDERFUL photographer and we are sooooo grateful to have met you! Not only are you a fantastic photographer but a genuine, and nice person. Thank you so much for everything you did to help us remember our special day!
Colleen: (speechless silence). Wow, they are amazing. Thank you.

Hannah and Ari's engagement shoot

Hannah and Ari are a really sweet young couple that I thoroughly enjoyed shooting and spending the afternoon with. They had a smile on their face the whole day and couldn't be more in love. Hannah was such a trooper as I'm sure her heels were killing her by the end but never complained (my favorite type of models!!!). We stayed in Venice for the whole shoot but started off walking up and down some local streets here in Venice which have lots of shops and architecture and stuff to play with photographically. We then we headed to the beach but the winds were blowing at about 40 m.p.h. so we finished up in the streets near the beach with a few more shots and by then we were all pretty tired. But well worth it as here are some really cool shots...

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