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Erin and Jeff's Wedding!!!

Well as expected Erin & Jeff's wedding did not disappoint. It was a party from start to finish. The wedding, reception and where everyone got ready was at TPC which is a gorgeous venue in Valencia, CA. We were a bit worried as torrential rains had plagued Los Angeles off and on the entire week before but the morning of the wedding it cleared for the day allowing for an absolutely beautiful ceremony and then when it was over the clouds rolled back in, perfect timing!!! Erin and Jeff were smiles all day and were an absolute pleasure to photograph.

laura: absolutely gorgeous, love them!!!
jc: makes me want to get married all over again, great job
Beatrice: I can't believe how gorgeous these pictures are!!! Freakin amazing.
Kathy M.: You made Erin look so beautiful, thank you!!!

Little Baby Bentley...

Well my friends Brad and Laura-Shay finally had their baby. We had a pool and everyone pretty much guessed the beginning of November but day after day went by and no baby, we were all giving up that it was ever going to happen and then voila guess who joined the family. Well as they slowly get used to parenthood we managed to get in a few shots and here they are...

Sue, Andy, Jordan and Madison

Sue and Andy have in a few short years become really good friends of mine. The girls are absolutely gorgeous, Sue is hysterical and Andy is a saint the way he handles all the women in his life. Well it was Christmas time again and time for their yearly photo shoot. After fattening me up with Thanksgiving leftovers this is what we did...

Sue Marozik: We simply adore you Ion...YOU are the funny one! Thank you for being such a talented friend!!

Ty, Jen, Alessandro and Aidan

Over Thanksgiving I stopped by my daughters place and in-between hanging out and playing (and of course stuffing my face) we ended up doing a photo shoot for Ty. Then everyone else jumped in there and then Ty's cousin Aidan stopped by so we had to throw him in the mix too and this is what we came up with...

here's the cutest little guy walking the planet..
Mozart watch out..

when they don't hold still just throw them in a large vase, works every time!!!

the whole family

Aidan has cheeks you can just squeeze for days...

out for a quick walk

1st cousins for life...

such a character...

Paul: Ion! Thanks for letting me know these were here, beautiful a family your daughter has made! Wonderful photos, beautiful family, grateful to see, Ion. Congrats again, buddy.

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