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Tom and Colleen tie the knot...

Colleen and Tom are a really sweet couple who’s wedding I had the privilege of photographing a few weeks ago on July 18th. It was a storybook wedding that brought a smile to everyone’s face. I had a fabulous time and everything went perfectly thanks to the fantastic wedding coordinator Katie Tiffany. The girls started off their day getting ready at Thomas Chance Salon. The ceremony was at St. Monica church, which is an absolutely beautiful church in Santa Monica. The reception was at Casa del Mar which is a gorgeous hotel on the beach in Santa Monica. The band (De Bois Entertainment ) was literally the best wedding band I’ve ever heard, yes lots of kudos for all who made this a top notch event. And here we go with the picts…

Terry B.: I love love love these pictures, some of the best wedding photos I have ever seen!!!
Amanda Barrington: Beautiful shots, very nice work.
John Albert: Colleen and Tom look great, very nice work.
PKW: Makes me want to get married all over again. Beautiful photos.

Stephanie and Wes tie the knot!!!

I have to say (once again) I have absolutely the most fantastic people as clients. I have yet to ever have even close to a bridezilla in fact its always the opposite, great people who know how to have a great time and roll with whatever happens. Stephanie and Wes are no exception. They got married at Wes's parents house in Boulder, CO. Its an absolutely beautiful house on a lake. As I learned the weather in Boulder is unique in that it can be sunny and hot one minute and rain the next, which is why I bring up the rolling with the punches earlier as during their ceremony it was sunny and hot a few hours before and then the 40 m.p.h. winds and rain rolled in off of the lake right during the ceremony, couldn't have been timed better (or worse actually). Anyway, everybody had smiles on their faces and carried on determined not to let anything dampen the day no matter what. You'll see it when you get to the ceremony and here's the rest....

can you tell how hard the wind is blowing?

more wind and rain...

Sam T.: The dancing shots are incredible!
bk: the nature shots are beautiful, you really captured where they live and the people they are

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