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Adrienne and Bryan's engagement

For Adrienne and Bryan's engagement I headed up to Santa Barbara where they live (and where the wedding will be in a few months). I showed up at their apartment and as luck would have it it had wonderful colors on the walls inside the apartment building which ended up making for some beautiful shots. Not being from the area this made me very happy to know I had this to start with. I met with Adrienne and Bryan and after a quick chat we started up inside their apartment. None of us like shooting with lots of people around so starting in and around their apartment worked out great for all of us. Adrienne was all smiles from the beginning and Bryan did a great job hanging in there for the day. His effort was much appreciated (because like many of us guys this is not a favorite thing for us to do on a day off). The effort from both of them paid off and we ended up with some fantastic pictures...see you in a few months guys!!!

Adrienne: Ooh these are awesome!!!