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Justyna and Victor's engagement shoot...

Justyna and Victor met at a medical conference for school. They started dating a short time later but had to do the long distance thing for quite a while. Now that they have both finished medical school and are on the path to both being doctors (and finally live in the same city) they decided to tie the knot. They are both super sweet and a great match for each other. They were very comfortable in front of the camera which made for a lot of great pictures. We headed down to the beach but on the way we went by a field with some pretty flowers in it so we had to stop for a few picts and then it was off to the beach for some fun in the sand and surf. On the way home we couldn't resist and had to find a hospital and take a quick shot in front of because, you know, the doctor thing!!!

Ewelina and Paul: Wow, these are beautiful!