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Summer and Shant - Wedding

Well we had an absolutely gorgeous day for Summer and Shant's wedding. It took place at Summer's parents home near San Diego and it was probably just as beautiful a home as any other wedding venue I have ever shot at. It was a perfect day from start to finish. It started off with taking some shots of Summer getting ready and then heading over to the other end of the house to get the same thing with the guys. Both groups were having a great time and very excited for the upcoming events. Once ready we did a quick "first look" session and then it was time to get ready for the ceremony. The procession was awesome as the entire wedding party came down these beautiful wood stairs to the level below where Shant and his groomsmen were eagerly waiting. Once Summer's father gave her away the ceremony started. When you see the view (in some of the pictures) that was behind them you'll know why I thought this was so gorgeous, just incredible. Once over the partying and dancing started. I love receptions where everyone really gets into it and this was definitely one of the best, everyone had such a great time. The day went flawlessly with the help of Candice Sanders who coordinated a great event. Here's your pictures...

Candice Sanders: Ion, these are fantastic.... LOVE them all! This was such a fun wedding! Candice
joan: these pictures brought me right back to every moment of the wedding day, you captured it just beautifully
Mark Roberts: The colors are fantastic and your use of camera angles to capture each picture is just perfect.
Samuel Berry: Great job with the pictures, couldn't be happier.
David C.: Pictures look awesome.
Brent: Such great pictures.
Beatrice London: What an amazing wedding! And beautiful picts! Well done Ion! Love them!
Maggie Roberts: Your photos are really vibrant and mystical, well done.
Azi M.:
Azi M.:
Azi M.: Very sweet, romantic and fun.

Dilhari and Dushaun - Wedding

Dilhari and Dushaun did something that was pretty unique. The day started off with meeting them at the church where they were going to have a traditional Christian wedding. We did a bunch of pictures before hand and then went right into the ceremony. The church was beautiful and made for some really nice pictures. Dilhari and her bridesmaids, already in traditional wedding dress, were absolutely stunning. We finished the ceremony and then immediately headed out for a traditional Sri Lankan ceremony. I always love learning how different cultures celebrate getting married and the individual customs they have. Something I would never have had the chance to see if I wasn't a wedding photographer. The ceremony was beautiful and the rest of the night was filled with laughter, dancing and everyone having a great time. Thanks so much for making me a part of your day, here's what it looked like in pictures...

Dilharia: We love the pictures!
Barbara R.: You did a great job with both ceremonies.
Daniel P.: Amazing colors and vibrancy to the shots.
Kirsten L: Love how you caught the traditions of both ceremonies so beautifully.
stella b: really beautiful pictures!!!

Sallee and Andrea - wedding

What can I say about Sallee and Andrea, well, a lot. And here goes: Never have I met a couple that was as much in love as the two of them. Okay, maybe as much, but not more than. They are so sweet and have such a great sense of humor. From their engagement session on through their wedding I have had a wonderful time getting to know them. Their wedding started out with both of them getting ready in different rooms in the same hotel. I went back and forth as they both got ready for the big day. Both asked how the other was feeling and how they were doing (a constant theme in their relationship). When they were done they both slipped into their dresses and then it was off to Calamigos Ranch where the ceremony and reception were to take place. We did a quick reveal first and from that point on they never left each others side until they faded off into the night at the end of the wedding. The wedding had a fairy tale theme to it, complete with flower girls dressed as fairies. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for letting me be a part of the first day of the rest of your lives together...and thanks to Michelle Davies for helping me do such a great job.

Christy : The beauty and softness you captured with the two girls is just amazing.
Rachel Davenport: Really nice work! You have such a great eye for capturing two people in love.
Cindy: These have such a dream like quality to them, really nice.
Jen: The sensitivity of emotion you were able to capture in these photographs is amazing! Great work!
Tom S.: You really captured the essence of their wedding.
Evan Stanton: Stunning images! Great work!
Agnes: Beautiful couple!!!

Kim and Mike - wedding

Kim and Mike have a pretty interesting story. They were both single sort of looking/sort of not. Mike's daughter met Kim and told Kim about Mike. So Kim gave her her number and she gave it to Mike. Her daughter said you have to call her "she's awesome" (which she is). Well Mike procrastinated for about for about a month and then finally decided to call. From the moment they met they both knew this was it. So now fast forward to another funny story. Kim's bridesmaid Ashley is another wedding client of mine who's wedding I'm photographing in about a month from now. So Ashley told Kim about me and now the circle is complete. Ashley got a good warmup for her wedding, now she knows what she's in for :-). Anyway, I'm sure I butchered the story a bit but thats the general idea. Back to Kim and Mike. The day started off with me shooting Kim and the girls for about 3 hours at the St. Regis in Dana Point. And then we headed to the Royal Princess Yacht. Why you may ask? Because they were getting married on a boat silly. I never photographed a wedding on a boat before and it was really cool. We literally got there and Kim pretty much went straight up the aisle with everyone all ready. The ceremony was gorgeous, we got tons of great shots and I want to thank my cousin Taryn again for helping me do such a great job again. Here's your pictures, enjoy...

Nicole: Pictures are amazing, great job!
Amy Stuart: I can't believe you were able to get that many shots, I was there and barely saw you, amazing!
Tammy R.: Such a beautiful couple...
Michael Dyson: Very nice.
Gretchen Holbert: You really captured the day wonderfully.
Stacey Mitchell: I came to look at Kim and Mike's pictures and ended up looking at almost all your blog pages, your work is incredible!
Gabe: Fantastic work
Rachel Wollam: These photos are to die for :-)
Michelle D.: Such beautiful pictures but I guess its easy with a great looking couple!!!

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