Chris's fashion shoot

Chris needed some fashion shots to update his portfolio so we headed out to the alleyways of Venice to find some cool backdrops to work with. Once we parked we didn't have to move, we found a great spot that had everything we needed within about 50 yards. This was great because I had to work with my lights on this one (because of bad weather) and that stuff gets heavy after a while. Anyway, Chris was super easy to shoot and up for all my nutty ideas which worked out perfect because I think we got some really cool stuff...


I've known Cooper's mom Jodie before Cooper was even a twinkle in Jodie's eye. Well, Cooper was in the mood for a little fashion shoot so we headed out for a couple hours and came up with some pretty cool shots. Okay Jodie, here's what your darling little boy has grown into...


I've been shooting Max since he was knee high, now that he's all grown up (and a little taller than me now) we went out and did some shots that he needed for his acting career. Max is also an accomplished artist so we did some with a little flair thrown in to match his style...


Noelle is a bubbly teenager who needed some headshots. She is also a dancer, which you can probably tell from the one shot of her flying through the air.

stacy moran: very cute, you captured who she is beautifully!!
Lori McLaughlin: adorable pictures, great work.

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