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Avery, Annie & Matt

Since Avery is now 8 months old Annie and Matt thought it was time for her first photo shoot. And since she's so adorable I'm sure there is a good chance it won't be her last. I headed out to Valencia where they live and battling a day when we had 100 degree heat we managed to get some great shots. You never know what your going to get with kids that young or how long there going to last but Avery was good from start to finish and the shoot went exceptionally well. Annie, Matt it was fun hanging out and here's your girl...

Annie: These are beautiful Ion! Thank you!
Debbie: Gorgeous pictures!!!
Michelle D.: Love these... I want the same thing for my kids!!!
Elaine: I can't believe you were able to get a baby to look into camera for that many pictures. Amazing...


Well I just posted Meredith and Garrett's pregnancy shoot to my blog and Elliana ended up being born pretty close behind. So I made a trip down to Meredith and Garrett's place and we did a little shoot in their living room. Elliana performed magnificently and we were able to get some pretty cool shots before she faded for the day. Here is Elliana at about a week and a half...

kelli graves: really beautiful photos. ilike how you have positioned the father in a less traditional way. it looks like he is completely in love with his child. beautiful and evokative.
Susan Mikka: All your family shoots are so beautiful and touching. I'm amazed how you always get great pictures of kids so young.
Alex: Beautiful newborn pictures.

Paxton, Blaize, Tina and Matt

Well it was time for the second family shoot with Tina and Matt. Lets see, what's changed since the last one. Ahhh, a little girl has been added to the picture. Paxton joined the team recently and made it a quartet. We headed to the beach for a little fun in the sun (and surf and sand). The kids ran around having a great time and as is usual for shoots with kids this age we all just followed their lead and shot as we went. We had a pretty fun day and got some pretty cool pictures...


Well I first photographed Stephanie and Gabe's wedding a few years ago and the natural progression of family like took hold and Stephanie got pregnant so we did some pregnancy photos and then a few weeks ago Skylar came into the world. I haven't gotten to Stephanie's pregnancy photo's yet so we're doing this a bit out of order but baby announcement's were due (along with pictures) so I moved Skylar's shoot to the top of the post-production heap and here we go (Steph's pregnancy shoot to follow in the coming weeks)...

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