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Natsue and Steve - Engagement

Steve and Natsue are such great people and we had such a good time doing their engagement shoot. Thats probably my favorite part of every new start with a couple is getting to know them. And when it clicks its just the best. Both Steve and Natsue were up for all of my crazy ideas and totally went for it, which I just love. We started off at the beach for a few shots and then did a little urban feel followed up by a little session back at their place ending up in the pool (love those shots). Anyway, we all had a great time and it paid off with some awesome pictures. See you next month!!!

Meredith Miles: Wow these are beautiful! Stunning photos, stunning subjects!
Natsue: We love them, thank you!
Steve: Amazing!!!
Tiffany: Love these, beautiful!!!
Jessica: The pics are stunning
Leone: WOW...beautiful!
Pauline: OMG I love these!
Nicole: You guys look amazing!! So happy for you!!
Tee: So gorgeous...Much love to you both
Kayo: You guys are so beautiful!
Tiffany: Such a beautiful, perfect couple!!!

Summer & Shant - engagement

For Summer and Shant's engagement shoot we went down to Venice and walked around the canals for a bit and then went a few blocks over for a little street vibe to mix it up a bit. They were both a pleasure to hang with and perfect in front of the camera. Of course Shant being a fellow photographer knew what I was looking for most of the time before I even said anything, which always makes my job easier. We got tons of great pictures and had a great time getting to know each other better before their wedding coming up here in only 4 weeks!!! Thanks for a great shoot guys...

Summer: Thanks for the link! We loved the photos!!!
Shant: Thanks Ion, they look effin good! Really inspiring :)
Tim A.: Such great variety in all your engagement shoots.
Alice Emeroux: You captured who they are so beautifully!

Jamie & Andrew - engagement

You know what I love? When couples just GO FOR IT!!! Well, Jamie and Andrew definitely fit the bill (you'll see what I mean in the last few pictures). For Jamie and Andrew's session we broke it up into two parts (same day though). Jamie has always loved horses and is an avid rider. Andrew has played football his whole life. So we decided to do two separate themes, one for Jamie and one for Andrew. We started off in Palos Verdes at a friend of Jamie's house who has a stable, horses and some trails to explore. So we all headed out for a little trail adventure and did a bunch of really cool shots, definitely some stuff I haven't done yet (which I always like). Then we headed to the beach for a little football match between Jamie and Andrew and when it was over,'ll see (again more stuff that I hadn't done before). Jamie and Andrew were an absolute pleasure to hang with and photograph and I have a feeling we'll be getting just as many great shots at their wedding. Really looking forward to it, see you soon guys...

Jamie: Oh wow! We just looked at your blog and the pictures are AMAZING!!! definitely worth jumping in the freezing ocean for that "perfect shot" the things you wrote were so sweet too.
Tom Adams: These pictures look like stills from a movie shoot.
Carrie Thompson: Unbelievably gorgeous!!!

Renee and Brian - engagement

Renee and Brian are a great couple that I really enjoyed getting to know. They're both very sweet and at first a bit camera shy. Once we got going though they had no problem being in front of the camera. In fact I'll have to remember Brian's "go to move" for future couples (a bit of an inside joke). Anyway, they were in town for a day from Vegas so we had to make it count. We went down to Manhattan Beach and did a little beach shoot and walked back up inland a bit and shot on the streets for a little bit more of an urban feel (and a quick stop for lunch in between). The pictures came out great and I'm really looking forward to having fun with you guys again this summer!!!

Beth McDaniel: These are amazing!
C. Ortiz: Its amazing how well you capture the love between two people in your engagement shoots.

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