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Liane and John get married!!!

Liane and John's wedding was pretty much perfect from beginning to end. It all took place in downtown Los Angeles. With everyone getting ready at the Standard Hotel and then the wedding and reception taking place at the Marvimon. The day started off with Vivian Tran and her team getting Liane and the girls ready while the guys were only a few doors away causing trouble and mayhem (in a good way) as most grooms parties do. So I flew back and forth getting the goings on of both groups and then we did a quick reveal shoot in the room and then it was time to hit the road for some fun. We hopped in our car and followed their limo around downtown, stopping as we captured various shots along the way to the Marvimon. You would never know the Marvimon was there unless you knew to got there. Its totally non-discript from the outside but really cute on the inside, with tons of character and a wedding area that is really beautiful. A great setting for what was to be a fantastic ceremony. The ceremony was officiated by a friend of Liane and John's, which made for lots of laughter and tears along the way. The reception followed which was a giant party with everyone hanging out and just having a great time. The toasts were touching, bringing lots of tears to all the guests. The night was planned out beautifully by Kristeen Labrot and a special thanks to my team of Erik Miguel and Michelle Davies who did a great job helping me all night. Oh yeah, almost forgot, thought you might like some pictures to look at...

Ariella and Brian's engagement

Well it took a while but we finally got to shoot Ari and Brian's engagement shoot and it was worth the wait. We ended up going to downtown L.A. and walking around a few blocks and got tons of great pictures, good thing we did cause Ari didn't have much time left walking around in her heels. But the timing worked out perfect, it was a great shoot and I'm glad we finally got it done. You guys were tons of fun to hang with and I know the wedding in December is going to be a blast. Here's your pictures...

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