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Amanda and Jason

I met Amanda and Jason when they moved in downstairs from me a couple of years ago. They bought a home a few months ago and moved out and the neighborhood hasn't been the same since. Well, we were reunited for a really good reason. THEY GOT MARRIED!!! And I had the honor of shooting their wedding. The day started off at the home of Amanda's mother where all the girls were getting ready. There was tons of laughter, really good food and everyone getting ready for the big day ahead. After Susie Chhuor finished the girls up with hair and makeup it was time to have some fun. I took Amanda around her mom's house (which was gorgeous with tons of locations to shoot) and we had some fun doing a variety of shots. Then all the girls jumped in and we really got going. Time came to leave and we rushed off to Calamigos ranch to get there before the guys and all the guests showed up. We just made it, Jason showed up right after and I started in with him and the guys. Calamigos is a beautiful ranch up in Malibu and has tons of great area's to shoot in. The ceremony started soon after and took place under a beautiful tree with dangling lights hanging down off of it. Its an amazing place for a ceremony. The ceremony was quick but not lacking in both laughter and tears. It was then off to party the night away, which everyone did with great abandon. The whole day was planned out to perfection by Trisha Haner. And here is your day...

Kelly and Cragin's engagement

We didn't have a lot of time for Kelly and Cragin's engagement shoot. They now live in Seattle and are getting married back here in Los Angeles in about a month. They had to fly down for the weekend for a few meetings and had very little time to sneak in a shoot. I was kind of in the same boat but luckily we all managed to meet up for a quick hour and punched out a great shoot. Its so much fun to do engagement shoots where the couple I'm shooting is so excited and into it, it makes the upcoming wedding very exciting for me. Yes, I'm talking about you Kelly and Cragin, your wedding is going to be a blast!!!

Bridgette and Anthony

I had never met Bridgette and Anthony before their wedding (because they live in New York) and only had the pleasure of talking with them on the phone a few times before their wedding. They sounded really nice, were really excited about their wedding and photography for their wedding was definitely something important to them, perfect. When I walked in for the first time to meet them on their wedding day they were just like they sounded. Really nice people and really excited to get married (in fact I don't think Bridgette lost her smile all day). The day started off with the guys and girls getting ready at separate locations, so I'd hang with one group and then swing over to the other and then back again. For some reason the girls always seem to like this process more but I've never had a complaint from any group of guys, they always put up a good front. After this is was time to head out to Wayfarers Chapel in Palos Verdes where they were getting married. So I hopped in the limo with the girls and off we went. After an hour of non-stop laughing and partying we arrived, grabbed a few pictures and then the countdown was on. The chapel is all glass on the side of a hill overlooking the ocean, just an amazing venue with an amazing view. The procession started and they even ran a streaming link so everyone back in Nebraska where Bridgette is from could watch the ceremony live. Technology is pretty amazing. The ceremony was beautiful and then it was back in the limo's to party the night away. Everyone had tons of fun, it was a great day and so nice to meet you both, you are the best!!! Here's your pictures...

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